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Increase the impact on your clients, uncap your income & claim back your time…

Want results? The evidence is irrefutable (check here if you don’t believe me). These packages are designed to be perfectly aligned to you if you are ready to digitise your business, get results and double the value you pay forward to your customers.

Whichever avenue you choose, you WILL reap financial and time rewards through our work together.


Ideas and Planning to get the job done

Ann promptly ended our call with 27 minutes remaining on the clock. You see, when you book with me, you get an hour. But that’s not what you’re paying for. You’re paying for the outcomes, the ideas and that feeling that you have to go and implement ‘all the things’ straight away. Just like Ann.

That’s the thing about these sessions – you’ll get it right first time without floundering or second guessing which direction to take. You’ll be chuffed to bits with the offers you’re creating, the time you’re saving and the impact your business is having.

This is a single, 1 to 1 session designed to give your business model a ‘leg-up’ from being a slave to the clock.

What Clients Say…

“You wanna know why Joelle is awesome? We worked together about leveraging the stuff I’ve got. I got my shizzle out there using 90% stuff that I already had in various forms. With just that I’ve turned over £4k between March and April (2020). One of those products doesn’t even exist yet. I’ve pre-sold it for 3k! Really, this s**t actually works! Listen to this woman!”


Mental Health Consultant


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Push your passive pursuits into profit


Is there anyone reading this right now who couldn’t benefit from leveraging a bit of extra cash from their business?

And is there anyone reading this right now who laughs in the face of that flighty notion, because they’ve made the assumption that to get more money, they need to do more work and trade more time?

They don’t. You don’t.

Optimise is a cracking new collaborative force from myself and copywriter, Jo Watson (www.agoodwriteup.com) – and it’s all about profiting from passive income.

Your investment to work with us both on this fabulous team-up takes two/three hours (split over two sessions) and costs a nice round £800. It’s ideal for business owners and freelancers who want to benefit not only from ideas and strategy, but also from words and action to push their passive pursuits into profit.

What Clients Say…

“What a dream team! I’d recommend Optimise to anyone wanting coherent and informed next steps for a passive income project, AND wants an awesome name and / or copy for it. 

Joelle helped me see the next right steps in a sea of opportunities calling, and Jo pulled the perfect catchy and consistent naming conventions from my overwhelmed head!”

Daniella Wainwright

Portfolio Finance Director

Wainwright Consulting



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4 session bank

Ideal for business owners who are fully booked and looking for ways they can have more impact on their clients, earn more and gain back their time – with the accountability to get it done!

You’ll want this service if you need a fully aligned strategy to innovate your business model, increase the impact on your clients, increase your revenue and your personal time.

You’re ready to finally make an investment in your business from which you will see financial returns instead of throwing money into the wind or chasing the next shiny object (and you’re savvy with your cash, as you know it’s cheaper to buy 4 sessions at once)

What Clients Say…

“I saw an amazing 133% return on investment during the programme! Working with Joelle has accelerated my business in many ways; from my offerings, finances (return on investment), connections and business structure. I feel I have the tools to fulfil my long-term goals. If you are looking to boost your business with amazing support and encouragement, Joelle and the Financial Freedom Finder is the best investment!! You won’t regret it!”


Pre and Postnatal Personal Trainer

Sharon Porter Fitness 

More Proof...


speaking, workshops & training

Ideal for event organisers and businesses supporting freelancers and sole traders, who are ready to empower a group of business owners to have more impact, make more money and gain the time to actually enjoy it!

Looking to hand over the reins and relax while your delegates experience wave after wave of ‘ah-ha’ and inspiring lightbulb moments?

If you want a seminar, workshop or training event that packs a punch and leaves your delegates beaming, then let’s talk about your plans and create something perfect for your patrons.

Availability is limited.


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What Clients Say…

“Omg today’s event was amazing. Joelle’s knowledge was unreal! Such an eye opener! Thank you so much for what you do, I had such a great time. Joelle is amazing! She blew my mind! Literally so inspiring for all of us! We all took something away from that session!”

Emma, Writer  


“About last night…. it was AWESOME! Joelle Byrne absolutely blew us all away with her knowledge and tips on how to scale your business and stop trading time for money! I can’t thank her enough for giving us so much VALUE! If you don’t follow this lady already… you need to! Wow! What an AMAZING evening … thank you so much Joelle; so much value, you are awesome!”

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