Do It Yourself

Claim back your time and create financial freedom in your business, at your own pace

Working one-to-one isn’t ideal for everyone, so if you’re an eager learner who wants to implement passive or scalable income strategies in your own time, the packages and programmes below will be just the ticket.

Whichever avenue you choose, if you’re ready to do the work, you WILL reap financial and time rewards.


Productise your brain and design a passive income offer that actually sells
  • Perfect for existing business owners ready to create additional income from their knowledge
  • On demand workshops give you the step-by-step model to design and sell your first (or 20th) passive, semi passive or scalable digital product
  • Finish with all the tools you need to make passive income from your business, immediately

The Details...

“Honestly I really can’t recommend this course enough. Not only is the delivery easy and understandable, but the cost of it is so affordable! The fact that Joelle is teaching you to make more money from your business is a quick turn around! Once you start to implement all that Joelle teaches you, you will get the cost of the course back in no time.”

Ann-Marie Bradley, AMB Hypnosis

More Proof...

Intentional Income

Ideal for beginners in the world of additional income streams, the Intentional income course is a series of step-by-step video tutorials and workbooks that will take you through what passive income is, why you need it and the multiple options you could add into your business so that you can earn more money and take time off!

This course will talk you through over 20 income stream possibilities that you could implement in your business right now! In a self-study, lifetime access course that you can complete at your own pace, time and time again!

Intentional Income will allow you to hear the kerching of sales when you’re relaxing on holiday, working with clients or designing your latest bespoke creation.

The tips, tricks and plans guiding you through the course will allow you to add, sell and deliver an array of new resources, products and services that your existing customers will love!

The Passive Business Academy

Looking for access to a bank of resources that you can access at your own leisure in your pursuit of passive income? The Passive Business Academy provides a space for clients to ask questions, share ideas, and develop a range of additional income streams with likeminded professionals on the path to passive income.

As well as being a fantastic community hub for anyone looking to create their next (or perhaps their first) passive product, the Academy offers unlimited access to a wealth of resources and training (workshops, webinars, downloadables, worksheets etc) that focus on specific pathways to passive income in whatever form you want that to take (you would be AMAZED how many options there are to find and create additional income streams from your existing business – I’ve seen it all). Everything is covered from planning through to creation, and from pre-selling to world domination (well, almost).

For everyone looking to earn extra income without incurring extra work, the door to the Passive Business Academy is open!


Members Say…


“Last year this [income generation] was just a dream, and something that happened to other people. Now this is me!!! I would still be wondering how other people did it, and I would still be stuck if I hadn’t joined this amazing, super-friendly and supportive Academy! The amount of expertise and knowledge at your fingertips is unreal! The absolute BEST investment I’ve ever made is joining the Academy. I’m astounded by the value that is in there!”

Jo  – Coconut Jo & Co

More Proof...

Creative Cash

Imagine making money while you’re spending time shopping, on holiday with your family or just drinking a cuppa in peace?

It is possible, and Creative Cash will teach you the 10 steps that WILL see your profit and impact boom, without worrying about changing what you actually love about your business!

This book will show you:

  • The basics of passive and active income, and how you can use both to create a really profitable business
  • How to use your creative nature to build additional, complementary and passive income streams into your business without putting off your customers
  • Different types of passive income that you could consider putting into your business
  • Lots of examples of this type of business in practice!
  • Why you should plan and how to create a business plan that actually works for you, is fun to do and doesn’t make you want to cry!

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Discover your hidden passive income identity and super-charge your business…

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