Joelle sat on the floor holding a mug of teaYou work hard for your clients, selling your time and expertise for a good return…

your business is flourishing…

You adore spending your time delivering life-changing services that benefit your clients and really impact their lives…

If anything, you’re oversubscribed; a bit too busy.


You can’t even think of taking time off because…

Your business relies entirely on you…

No appointments = no income

You’re pressed against an income ceiling that prevents you from earning any more without increasing your prices or taking time off without losing profit…

You can earn more money from the business you love without changing what you do best…

You can grow your business in the right way, so you can take a day off without worrying.

You deserve financial AND time freedom

I’m Joelle and I can help you to easily reclaim your time and uncap your income whilst still having massive impact on your clients and huge authority in your field…

I can show you how to automate and exponentially increase your income by developing a new, passive or scalable product from your existing business. I think it’s time for you to learn exactly how to easily increase how you profit from your passion

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I practice what I preach, so there’s lots of ways to use my brain to benefit your business…

I can tell you ‘I’m great’ & ‘I can help you!’ until the cows come home but really, you’re best asking this lovely bunch…

Dani Wainwright“Firstly you should understand what a joy to be around Joelle is… In life, some people bring you down, and others flood you with energy, warmth, possibility and creativity. Joelle is the latter – I love my sessions with Joelle and always leave them feeling fired up to make things happen.

Joelle opened my eyes to all the (many) possibilities for Passive Income. She then worked with me to explore ideas for what could be passive or semi-passive in my business, always tailored to my goals and future business direction.

The next step was for us to develop a plan to bring a product to life; both the product itself and the marketing required to sell it. We did that together, and then Joelle explained and mapped out all the platforms / tech I’d need to use to make it work, and how to go about it. She didn’t do the implementation for me, but pointed me in the right direction and was always on hand with a process flow when I got stuck and / or confused! With Joelle’s guidance I launched and sold out a group online cohort Beta course – selling it fully before I spent the time developing it. Magic.

I can’t recommend her highly enough, so knowledgeable, practical and personable.”

Daniella, Portfolio Finance Director,


Pete White“You wanna know why Joelle is awesome? We worked together about leveraging the stuff I’ve got. I got my shizzle out there using 90% stuff that I already had in various forms. With just that I’ve turned over £4k between March and April (2020). One of those products doesn’t even exist yet. I’ve pre-sold it for 3k! Really, this s**t actually works! Listen to this woman!”

Pete, Mental Health Consultant,

sharon porter“I saw an amazing 133% return on investment during the programme! Working with Joelle has accelerated my business in many ways; from my offerings, finances (return on investment), connections and business structure. I feel I have the tools and to fulfil my long-term goals. If you are looking to boost your business with amazing support and encouragement, Joelle and the Financial Freedom Finder is the best investment!! You won’t regret it!”

Sharon, Pre and Postnatal Personal Trainer, Sharon Porter Fitness  

“I’ve just completed my accounts to get to my accountant. Despite the pandemic & my business being closed most of the year I have increased my annual turnover & just done my best financial year of business EVER!!!

I’ve had very few in-person clients throughout the past 12 months for obvious reasons (pandemic). I have taken time out with my family & sometimes I just haven’t been working because I had the freedom to choose; which means this increase is due to the passive elements that I have developed in my business!!!

Bring on ‘normality’, because with clients back plus all this, next year should be even better!”

Emma, Personal Trainer & Wellness Expert,

Oh and this lot agree too…