You work hard for your clients, selling your time and expertise for a good return…
your business is flourishing…
You adore spending your time delivering life-changing services that benefit your clients and really impact their lives…
If anything, you’re oversubscribed; a bit too busy.
You can’t even think of taking time off because…
Your business relies entirely on you…
No appointments = no income



You’re pressed against an income ceiling that prevents you from earning any more without increasing your prices or taking time off without losing profit…


You can earn more money from the business you love without changing what you do best…


You can grow your business in the right way, so you can take a day off without worrying.


You deserve financial AND time freedom



I can help you to easily reclaim your time and uncap your income whilst still having massive impact on your clients and huge authority in your field…


I can show you how to automate and exponentially increase your income by developing a new, passive or scalable product from your existing business.


Learn how to easily increase how you profit from your passion

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Got 20 minutes and a kettle? My diary is always open for a chat and I don’t do sales calls, so you’ll never have to fear an awkward ‘pitch’ from me. I do, however, love getting to know about other people and their businesses…

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Every client who completes the Streamline in 6 programme makes back their investment, minimum. That’s pretty cool, but as I practice what I preach, that’s not the only way to use my brain to benefit your business…

I can tell you I’m great but really;

you’re best asking these guys…

“(Thank you for yet another powerful and productive session with you today.)  Joelle’s insight is so helpful to me and I always feel our sessions propel me forward so much faster than I could ever achieve myself.  Off to put some of our ideas into action!!”

Anne, Director and Award Winning Coach, ConfidenceGuru.com

“I saw an amazing 133% return on investment during the programme! Working with Joelle has accelerated my business in many ways; from my offerings, finances (return on investment), connections and business structure. I feel I have the tools and to fulfil my long-term goals. If you are looking to boost your business with amazing support and encouragement, Joelle and the Financial Freedom Finder is the best investment!! You won’t regret it!”

Sharon – Pre and Postnatal Personal Trainer – Sharon Porter Fitness  

“Joelle has been critical in helping me to change my mindset towards business and how this could work for myself and my clients.  I now own an online training and development platform, but more importantly, have a whole new approach to marketing my business and products that has been instantly successful! Consulting Joelle was one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my business )and she’s a wonderful person to work with to boot!)”

Karen – Professional Coach – Bright Bird Coaching

“I’ve had the seed of an idea for a long time but had no idea how to go about getting it together; I am now making the same amount of money I invested in the program every month almost passively, if not more… The membership product I have created has absolutely produced a return on my investment. At least 6 x over. Joelle was always so lovely and patient”

Corinna – New Mum Support & Training – The Mummy Circle

“Running your own business can be isolating, scary as well as damn hard work.  I get overwhelm quite easily and I’m a bit like a magpie and sometimes don’t end up finishing things.  After working with Joelle, things changed.  We chatted about everything and her suggestions, tips and ideas were just brilliant.  I’m in the process of working through the list and implementing as I go.  It’s been helpful to have recordings to refer back to, which has allowed me to work through at a pace that suits me.  This lady is just brilliant, and I would urge anyone who runs their own business to get in touch with her. She’ll know how to help you and you will be much better off for it. Thank you Joelle.”

Katherine Johnson, Positive Canine Coach, positivecaninecoaching.co.uk

“I’ve just completed my 2020-2021 accounts to get to my accountant.
Despite the pandemic & my business being closed most of the year I have increased my annual turnover & just done my best financial year of business EVER!!!

I’ve had very few in-person clients throughout the past 12 months for obvious reasons (pandemic). I have taken time out with my family & sometimes I just haven’t been working because I had the freedom to choose; which means this increase is due to the passive elements that I have developed in my business!!!

Bring on ‘normality’, because with clients back plus all this, next year should be even better!”

Emma, Personal Trainer & Wellness Expert, Seal-Fitness.co.uk

“I was feeling lost with the business and in need of something else to help the business grow. I also felt like I needed a coach but really didn’t connect with the idea of a business coach. I left it up to the universe… and there she was. Joelle is so generous and offers great value with every product/service/time and she really champions each and every one of us.”

Kate Campbell, Photographer & Entrepreneur, CampbellsPhotography.co.uk

“You wanna know why Joelle is awesome? We worked together about leveraging the stuff I’ve got. I got my shizzle out there using 90% stuff that I already had in various forms. With just that I’ve turned over £4k between March and April (2020). One of those products doesn’t even exist yet. I’ve pre-sold it for 3k! Really, this s**t actually works! Listen to this woman!”

Pete White, Mental Health Consultant, PeteWhiteConsulting.co.uk

testimonial for joellebyrne.com - make more money from your small business“Jo transforms your thinking to the point where you believe ‘I can actually do this!’ I always feel more confident, proficient and prepared after a conversation with Jo. I really can not recommend her enough.”

Saskia, Spiritual Guide, Author & Coach,  SaskiaLightstar.com

“I come off our calls/away from our meetings and I’m just too excited by everything I’ve learned and everything I can go on to do!! You are EPIC at what you do!! No bullshit motivation/ empowerment – just great ideas and sound advice about what steps to take (and in what direction). Right as we speak I am putting into place so many ideas that she’s given me… things I wouldn’t have had the confidence to go after alone, and things I’d never even thought of doing at all had she not put them out there.”

Jo Watson, Writer of Brilliant Things, agoodwriteup.com

“Jo took me from reading words like ‘launch’ and ‘sales funnel’ with a frown on my face because I didn’t understand them; to a space where I do, and, where I can apply this understanding in a practical way. Jo is fabulously supportive and very responsive. I got a return on my investment as soon as I launched my semi-passive product – so essentially, I go Jo’s training for free! Let’s be honest – it doesn’t get much better than that!”

Gen Edwards, Intuitive Energy Healer, genedwards.com

“I decided to come to Joelle for help with my martial arts business after the testing times of the pandemic! She was brilliant at helping me sort out my business priorities and at helping me find new opportunities for business in places I hadn’t even thought of before! I would 100% recommend signing up for some sessions if you are also looking for support or guidance in this way!” 

Sam Milne-Ellison, Personal Trainer and Martial Arts Instructor, kick-kwondo.com

“Thanks to Joelle I’ve managed to restructure my business to make it simpler and more scalable. My business is much more aligned to my vision. I have a blog which has been a dream of mine for a long time and I’m clear on how to monetise it. The program was really useful in getting me clear about what needed to change, and I loved the accountability to taking action. It was invaluable to have Joelle’s support and expertise through those tricky parts, like pricing. Highly recommend working with Joelle if you want to shift away from swapping time for money and towards creating passive income products and services. I’ve done all the courses and knew what I wanted; it was so helpful to have her focused support in moving my business forward.”

Sarah Sienkiewicz, Strategy & Alignment Coach, Healingbusiness.co.uk

Oh and these guys too…