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“Yesterday I talked about how much I was looking forward to Joelle coming into the Super Seconds Festival community to talk about passive income – and it was everything I’d hoped for and more!

The makers in the community fed back that she was approachable, knowledgeable and very generous with her ideas and knowledge. They also said it was super accessible and made them feel they could actually do it – rather than feeling that it was another big hurdle.

Thank you Joelle – you’re amazing!”

Sophie Greenwood – The Creative Incubator | Super Seconds Festival

Ready to empower a group of business owners to have more impact, make more money and gain the time to actually enjoy it?


Looking to hand over the reins and relax while your delegates experience wave after wave of ‘ah-ha’ and inspiring lightbulb moments?


You’re in the right place…


“This #epic lady is blowing my mind!!!! She is cramming me and my fellow #smallbiz ladies with soooooo much fabulous info I think we may just take over the world!!!! Watch out future, there’s a whole lot of determined women coming your way!”

Angela, Maker, Dollyrocker        

“Omg today’s event was amazing. Joelle’s knowledge was unreal! Such an eye opener! Thank you so much for what you do, I had such a great time. Joelle is amazing! She blew my mind! Literally so inspiring for all of us! We all took something away from that session!”

Emma, Writer         


Let’s create the right experience for your event with bespoke speaking, workshops, training and events packages tailored to your needs:

  • Speaking (up to 1 hour presentation plus Q&A time, no maximum group number) – starting at £350
  •  ½ day Training/Workshops (3 hours with added breaks) – starting at £750

Training/Workshops include:

    • Up to 20 attendees
    • In person (within 30 miles of Leeds, West Yorkshire, included in the price) or via Zoom
    • All expenses included (no faffing with invoices later!)

Training/Workshops for over 20 people, larger events, other appearances or in-person events over 30 miles all by application only. Book a brew and let’s have a chat about your plans:

“About last night…. it was AWESOME! Joelle Byrne absolutely blew us all away with her knowledge and tips on how to scale your business and stop trading time for money! I can’t thank her enough for giving us so much VALUE! if you don’t follow this lady already… you need to! Wow! What an AMAZING evening … thank you so much Joelle; so much value, you are awesome!”

Connect Wakefield

“I absolutely loved today and great to meet all the lovely ladies! Since attending I have had many collaborations and, thanks to Joelle, I now offer a print on demand service which is going really, really well! That one meeting was the biggest goal changer for my business.”

Sunita, Designer, Ekantika Design ltd

Masterclass attendees, in the chat…

Kerry: THIS IS AMAZING!!!!! So many ideas already!!!    

JoJo: Such a wealth of knowledge, thank you!

Mohammed: Woah… I’ve got so much to do and I’m excited to do it!

Rosalind: I’ve set up accounts with self-publishers + affiliate companies already! Thank you, Joelle!

Dare: Thank you for all of this information! Great!!!!

Anita: Lots of YES moments!

Sahir: OMG, mind blown! You’re awesome!

Workshop attendees, in the chat…

Gill: Your presentation has been fabulous and extremely helpful Joelle

Philip: Fantastic session ! Much appreciated!

Anna: Super ideas, thank you, Great session!  

Leanne: Thank you. Inspired and ideas gone wild (but in notes ready for action)

Jo: Full disclosure, I’ve known Joelle for years and I’ve worked with her professionally during most of that time. Every time she runs an event like this, I ALWAYS learn something.

Email hello [at] joellebyrne dot com or book a free chat to discuss your requirements

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