One of the biggest things you can do for your business is to save money and add income streams so that you’re making more money by doing less. But this can often result in business owners going out and implementing a brand new shiny income stream, spending hours (and sometimes serious cash) on researching and creating a new product. But then, horror of horrors, it doesn’t sell. You want to save time, money and effort, not the opposite.

You’ve wasted all that time and energy for nothing. You’ve possibly invested cold hard cash in the process, but you’ve definitely invested time in a project that just doesn’t product the results you want. And that is also a waste of money because your time is precious. You need to save money, not throw it away.

Because of this, I want to let you into a little secret that will save you hours of effort and lots of potential disappointment. That secret is pre-sales.

Let’s get into it.

What is a Pre-Sale?

A pre-sale is where a creator, like you, comes up with an idea and sells only that; the idea. This is often done by including additional incentives to buyers on top of the actual offer. This can be anything from bonus content to a massively reduced price, but whatever it is, it’s something extra that your customer won’t get if they buy once your product is created.

Some folks have massive moral issues with this, because they feel like they ‘fiddling’ or robbing their customers. Well, that simply isn’t true. What you’re actually doing is allowing them access to something with a great deal attached to it. The only thing is there will be a short delay before they actually receive it. And for most people, that’s absolutely fine. If it’s not ok with them, then they aren’t your ideal client and shouldn’t be buying the product or service right now – they can just wait until it’s released.



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How To Save Time, Money and Effort In Your Business


What are the Benefits of Pre-Selling a Product or Service?

There are so many different benefits to both you and your customers when you implement the pre-sale strategy. Here’s just a few:

    • It allows you to test the market in a proper way – knowing if a product is going to sell
    • It saves you bags of time and energy, and potentially cash, because you invest very little upfront
    • Pre-sold products provide the funding for you to take the time off to actually create the product
    • Customers benefit from exclusive deals, sales or bonuses by pre-ordering something they want
    • It allows you to tweak the content of your product in line with the desires of your buyers (because you can ask them if there’s something specific they’d like to have included in the product)
    • It saves as much disappointment if your product doesn’t sell. Yes, you’ll be a bit sad because your first idea didn’t work, but you haven’t lost anything so you can quickly dust yourself off and try again

How to Pre-Sell a Product

I’m not going to take hours of your time explaining each step but here’s the exact process I use to pre-sell and create all of my digital products.

  • Brainstorm initial ideas
  • Research your ideas – see what is already available and on the market
  • Ask your existing customers, warm leads and social media followers what they’d like?
  • Decide on a title and an idea of the branding (keep it in line/complimentary to your existing brand)
  • Decide on the outcomes your product will give to your customers – what is its purpose?
  • Identify the pain points you’re solving for your customers
  • Identify potential objections of the customers (why they won’t buy) as this will help with your sales page and your marketing!
  • Briefly plan the content – don’t go into too much detail but know roughly what you want to say and where
  • Create a sales page or copy you can use on social media to sell the product
  • Create a few branded graphics and mock-ups
  • Decide on the FULL price point of your product – what will this actually sell for when it launches?
  • Create an offer to go with the pre-sale – will it be a discount, bonus or something else?
  • Decide on a definite deadline for the sale end – if your product hasn’t sold by this time then end the sale and try again
  • Set a DEFINITE delivery date for your product – add this to all copy relating to the sale of your product so any buyers know EXACTLY when they will receive it
  • Figure out a sales/checkout mechanism for buyers to pay you. Make it simple!
  • Share the hell out of it!

What’s Next?

If your product didn’t sell you need to investigate why not, tweak the idea and try again! Don’t get disheartened (I’ve been here before!) It could be that you just haven’t quite got your messaging right, or you’re missing a vital piece of content that is essential to your potential customers. Ask the question, research like hell, conduct surveys and explore even further. Get vulnerable and find out why!

If it did sell! Woohoo (happy dance for every sale is essential!). End your sale and get down to the nitty gritty of creating the content of your product. Don’t forget to change your sales page so it can launch in an ordinary way when it’s finally released. Get it delivered on time and then promote it again!


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