Today we’re talking low content publishing.”What the hell is that?!” I hear you cry!

It’s exactly what it says on the tin – publishing something that has very little in the way of content from you! Yey!

Yes really!


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How to earn money from low content publishing and print on demand

What is Low Content Publishing?

Journals, prompt books, notebooks, to-do lists, action plans…. the list goes on. All beautiful (and I think essential!) to running a business, home or life in some semblance of order. These items are amazingly easy to create and get out into the world, and can add to the value you provide to your existing customers.

Creating printables is another string to your bow by using smaller pieces of content that offers big financial rewards. Did you write a massive eBook that could be broken down into smaller printables? (Ting – lightbulb moment!)

And the best bit? These are digital assets that you create once and then sell time and time again with no additional work. These things, along with other digital products are the true meaning of passive income!

What is Print on Demand?

Printing on demand is, yes again, what is says on the tin. What is it? Well it’s about you focusing on design while another company focus on doing the leg work; you know, the printing, billing and fulfillment of the orders!

Do you have loads of images hanging round from photoshoots, doodles or designs that never went anywhere?

By using a print on demand platform, like RedBubble for example, you can upload your designs to real life products like clothing, stickers, device cases, wall art, home décor, kids & babies accessories, accessories, stationery and gifts. The best part, you decide what to charge and put them out for sale. It’s that simple. The platform will then process any purchases, ship the products and pay you your bit of the proceeds!

I’m not suggesting that you start selling new things that aren’t complimentary to your business, not at all. In fact, just like affiliate marketing, this method is simply fulfilling the needs of your customers and adding to your array of goods and services without you physically having to create something new.



Who Can it Work For?

The thing about print on demand is that this, along with affiliate marketing and other additions like drop-shipping (which is another idea I’m throwing in for free!) as long as they’re complimentary to your existing business – they will work. You must know and understand what your customers are looking for, which you already do, otherwise your business would suck!

You’re a holistic therapist. You make a real difference to your local clients lives by providing an excellent service to them when they need it. Having jumped on the passive income bandwagon, you’ve taught people how to practice self care for better well being via an online course, you’ve written an eBook with some of your favourite super-boosting recipes in. You’ve broken those recipes down into individual printables and are selling those separately too. On top of that, you’ve created a health journal using low-content publishing methods and that’s selling like hotcakes.

To top off your passive empire, you’re jumping on print on demand. This includes getting your book and journal into more hands by getting it in print (without stocking loads of copies at home that you’ll never sell!). You’ve got a tagline that’s part of your unique brand and decide that those who are following your methods will want clothes and accessories to match their new healthy lifestyle. Your logo’d items include yoga shirts, water bottles and yoga mats, all of which can be bought directly from your own website but you don’t stock a damn thing!

You create the design, and then add an ecommerce plugin into your website that support print on demand, like Shopify. Alternatively, you go with RedBubble or Amazon to print and distribute your beautiful designs, while you sit back and enjoy the rewards!


How to do it

Here’s how it works and some more examples:

Crocheter? Like to write down your designs? Stick them on a pretty printable so others can duplicate the design and sell it.

Hypnotherapist? Like to instruct your clients to do some reflective work at home? Create a beautiful journal, all complimentary to your brand that you can either hand to them or have them order online (or both!)

Jewellery designer? Have easy hacks to keep jewellery in excellent condition? Create a printable with instructions to do it and use it as an upsell when customers checkout their purchases.

Artist? Takes an age to create a one-off original but how amazing would it be to allow your fans and followers to have your art on their wall at a fraction of the price? Print on demand wall art is your answer.

Graphic designer? Made some super cool designs that never went anywhere? Get them onto cushions, accessories, clocks and other homewares via print on demand.

Professional organiser? Create an amazing notebook or journal to get those clients super-organised for years to come.

See, it’s easy when you know it’s an option.

Selling these creations can be done through external platforms like Etsy or Heartizan, via your own website through you ecommerce platform or an external provider like SendOwl or directly from publishing sites like Lulu.com or  RedBubble.

Using free online tools it’s possible to create a new digital product from scratch and get it out to your customers pretty quickly!

I make money every month selling printables from my old blog! I don’t even update the blog or the shop anymore, it’s just sat there…making me money 🙂

Why wouldn’t you share what you know or create a beautiful addition to your already gorgeous brand?

Personally, I think it’s a no brainer. What do you think?

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