Hello from LinkedIn!

Stick the kettle on and let’s have a brew shall we?

It’s free, it’s 20 minutes and there’s not a pitch-slap in sight!

Pick a time that suits and a Zoom link will wing its way to you – magic right!

No gross DM cold pitches, no commenting with ‘great post’, just two people having a chat over a nice brew.

If you’ve got an open mind, I’ve got an open spot in my diary…


Fellow LinkedIn folk; and what they said…


“That time with you Joelle was great – just enough to tip me over the edge and start putting my stuff out there. Stuff I already had but had been over thinking the packaging.

Got stuff? Get it out there! Not got stuff? Get Joelle on your team and she’ll help you work out what that stuff is and how to presell it. Truth be told, I probably need more help to turn this into something bigger.” 

Phil Sterne


“… As well as being lovely, (as you would expect) Joelle is an absolute mine of information when it comes to passive income products. Not only has she helped me see the wood for the trees (also known as the good ideas from the crap ones). Joelle has also stopped me from wasting a shed load of time. This has taken the task of creating my own product from being so overwhelming it will never materialise, to feeling doable in a few weeks! If you’re thinking about having a passive income stream in your business, I would highly recommend talking to Joelle. She knows her stuff and will set you on the right track.”

Rebecca Harrison

“I had an idea. I knew it was a good one. I just needed someone to tell me it was a good idea and give me a bit of a push. I mean, it was an AWESOME idea. The kind of idea that meant that everyone would bow down to me like Wayne and Garth seeing Alice Cooper in person for the first time.

I didn’t really need help with ‘the idea’. I needed encouragement and applause. A dopamine injection of the kind I hadn’t had since my days at Rock City in the late 80s. (IYKYK) And then I had a virtual cuppa with Joelle.

She didn’t bow down to me. She didn’t applaud me. But most of all, she didn’t blow smoke up my arse. She gently explained that while my idea WAS good, it wasn’t right for me. In a roundabout and very empathetic way she told me why what I wanted to do (the idea) wouldn’t give me what I wanted (the outcome).

When I fought back slightly (because my idea was obviously the best thing ever), she let me, then, as she said, “took a thread and pulled it”. And it was the right thread.

So, the idea is still there, but because of half an hour on Zoom with the fabulous Joelle, it’s changed. It’s developed. It’s grown. People pay hundreds, thousands even, of pounds for coaches, consultants, and gurus to give them the insight that I got in 30 minutes today from Joelle. For free.

Thank you, Joelle, for your kindness and warmth today. But most of all for being clever enough to realise what I refused to.

If you are looking to start making more of a passive income from your business, I would recommend Joelle 100%. Book a virtual cuppa with her; you never know what could happen.”

Nikki Pilkington