Find Your Niche | Why not Knowing Your Niche is Killing Your Income Potential

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Find Your Niche

Why not Knowing Your Niche is Killing Your Income Potential

There are other things you can do to build a fundamental backbone to your business. This simple but ridiculously effective technique NEVER FAILS and will improve EVERYTHING about your business and how much it makes. This is also the most common mistake that entrepreneurs and business owners make in the first 12 month of running their business.

What is this faux-pas?

Thinking you need to market to everyone and be everywhere! Not niching down. Not getting specific. Find your niche!

This could be a fundamental flaw that you’ve fallen into too? Business basics are at the core of how we do things and why some women are successful, and others never quite make it. This is one of the most important things you can take away to your business. So, let’s Niche Down:


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Find Your Niche

One of the biggest reasons I hear women talk about not making sales is because they’re trying to be something to everyone. Something they’re not.

At first it does seem like the best thing to do – literally sell anything to anyone who shows an interest! But, unfortunately, that’s just not going to get you very far, very fast. I promise! I’ve done it…. and failed! Lots of times! (What can I say? I just don’t learn first time round!)

(Before You Find Your Niche,) What is a Niche?!

Your “niche market” is literally the nook where your business sits and it’s the most comfortable and suitable place to be when it comes to business! It’s so important to ensuring you’re making sales in your business because it’s your speciality – what you’re really good at!

Find Your Niche

By niching down and getting super specific about WHAT you sell and WHO you sell it to, you’re able to make real connections with customers who really WANT and NEED your services.

Your “niche market” is so important to ensuring you’re making sales in your business. A niche is a speciality. It relates to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specific section of the population. If you say your product is for everyone then the sad truth bomb is; it probably appeals to no one 🙁

If you’re trying to sell to everyone then you are very likely selling to no-one at all. By reducing the circle of people you’re trying to reach you’ll make more sales because you’re targeting your ideal client. In this way, you can speak directly to them, make a connection and make that all-important sale.

Here’s a great example –

Your oven is on the blink. It’s been heating things up but intermittently cutting out.

Who are you going to contact?

Your gas guy because it’s a gas oven?
Or the LG Oven Man who’s advert you saw last week? You remember he specialises in LG ovens over 5 years old that are on the blink. And he lives locally too.

Who would you choose?

Your audience are looking to buy a solution to a problem OR to satisfy a desire.

You need to know who those people are, what they do, what they spend and all their little quirks! Know this and you know your audience. Know your audience and you speak directly to them. Speak to them on a personal, real and connective level and there is your sale. Over and over again.

Your Ideal Client (Avatar)

Start by thinking about who already buys your offer or who you would like to buy your products or services. Sometimes your ideal client is YOU! Think carefully about this person, as they become your “avatar”. An avatar is a description of your ideal buyer. Consider the following:

  • Male or female
  • Age range
  • Location – live/work
  • Other interests
  • Occupation
  • Income level
  • Family makeup
  • Their home, friends, social life
  • Where they hang out – virtually and physically
  • Blogs/books/magazines they read
  • Biggest bugbears
  • What else they spend their hard-earned cash on when they’re not buying from you?
  • Most importantly, think about what their “pain point” is and what problem you’re solving for them.
  • Give that person a name too!

You can also think closely about your niche itself. Create a statement for yourself that tells anyone reading it exactly who you are, what you do and who you do it for. This statement should tell me:

  • What you sell – a product, an offer, a solution, a lifestyle choice?
  • What problem do you solve for your customers?
  • Who does your product help?
  • How do you sell it – what’s your unique selling point? What makes you, you?
  • Why is your product different?

Once you’ve done this, any promotions you’re doing, whether that’s social media posts or direct selling, you can speak directly to your avatar about your niche business. Have this person in your mind when you write your copy, speaking specifically to their wants, their pain points and how they want their problem to be solved by you. It seems tough and lots of work upfront, but I promise you, it’s worth it!

So tell me, who is your ideal client? What is your niche? Do you know who you’re selling to?


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