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Making money from affiliate marketing is one of the best and simplest ways of maximising the return from your time spent online. Millions of people create billions of pounds every year through promoting products that they love, that are made by someone else. Some people do this in their spare time, some to boost their existing business and others as their full time job.

You make recommendations every day – trust me, you’ll notice now – why not get paid for them?

You do not need a website to be in the programme, you can promote from social media or anywhere else you have a digital presence.

Joining our other affiliates is really easy!

  1. Navigate to JoelleByrne.com/dashboard and login to your account
  2. Scroll down the left hand menu to ‘Affiliate Area’
  3. Your referral URL is right there for you to copy and paste!
  4. Create links to specific pages using the ‘Referral URL Generator’

Affiliate Terms and Conditions

Affiliates must ensure that they do not use any unethical selling techniques or marketing methods to promote JoelleByrne.com products. This means NO unsolicited email marketing, poor social media practices (or “spam”) or through sites that contain offensive content.​ No Spammy Pammy’s around here thank you very much, we’ve got a rep to protect!

Affiliates may promote on any platform with the exception of those platforms deemed to be inappropriate (you know the sort!)

Pay-outs are on the 1st of every month for sales made in the previous month after 1 month has passed. eg: sales made throughout January will be credited on 1st March and so on.

Commissions will be paid directly to a PayPal account without exception.

It is your responsibility to check, track and monitor your sales, and to update your PayPal information within your customer Dashboard. JoelleByrne.com is not responsible or liable for lost sales or pay-outs made when incorrect information is provided.

We may not be able to track your sales if people do not allow cookies on their computer. This is your responsibility.

In order to receive your affiliate commissions, please provide the PayPal email address you wish these to be credited to.

All PayPal fees are the responsibility of the affiliate.

IMPORTANT: Use of your own link to get a discount on products/services or to gain commission will result in your immediate removal from the affiliate programme and a freeze on all unpaid commissions. You will be banned from the programme and will not be allowed to re-join. You will rescind your right to commissions by falsely using your affiliate links.

Images relating to the product may be taken directly from the purchase page, website and other blog posts (must be directly linked) additionally, if used with an affiliated link, images can be taken from the associated social media pages. If you require any other promotional materials, feel free to email hello[at]joellebyrne[dot]com

From time to time, there may be rewards for the most sales, clicks and other incentives. You will be contacted by email accordingly to inform you of any events! You must be subscribed to the email list in order to receive these types of incentives and to remain part of the programme.

Happy selling xoxo


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