The Monetise Course


In Brief


  • Self-study course for sole traders, freelancers, subject-experts and existing business owners who are ready to create a passive or scalable income from what you know
  • Step-by-step model to design and sell your first (or 20th) passive, semi passive or scalable digital product, the right way!
  • Support sessions to keep you on track, accountable and achieving, but only if you want them! You do not get abandoned to digital dust!
  • Same price for payment in full or instalments (scroll right to the bottom of the page for more!)
  • Have all the tools you need to make passive income from your business, in as little as 30 days


Important Note: This course does not suggest any of the following ‘passive income’ methods: MLM or network marketing of any kind, crypto currency, investments of any kind or property related schtuff. I don’t know anything about any of those things so I can’t help you.

It also doesn’t include any “you can have what I have…” over-done-ickiness with images of cars, designer brands and wads of cash that makes your toes curl while scrolling social… we’re realistic here!

If any of those things are your bag, you’re in the wrong place. I’m not sorry.

“This course was fantastic! It really helped to break down what is needed to research, develop, create and launch a passive product. It is something I will refer to time and time again! Before the course I had lots of ideas of what I would like to do but never thought any of them would be possible. With Joelle’s clear and concise approach I have learned so much that I feel I can apply to my business going forward. In terms of Passive Products, this is really all you need to learn everything you need to know!”
Samantha, Baker Extraordinaire, The Sugar Rose Kitchen



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