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Passive income for business

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The Financial Terminology that could make or break your business

When it comes to finances and business many people think that terms like passive income, residual income, recurring income, semi passive income, and all the rest… are the same thing. Well, I need to make… continue reading

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Lies And Damn Lies About Passive Income

We’ve all heard it; passive income is a myth. This mindset is all too common, limiting and quite honestly, tragic. The truth; Passive income is the future of business, and life and money and actually… continue reading

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2 Reasons Why ‘Not Passive Income’ Is Just as Important

Yeah you read it right… some things in your business are not passive income, semi-passive income or even income streams that have been leveraged to their full extent.  The truth of the matter is, business… continue reading

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Why Ideal Clients Are Not the Best Thing In Business

Truth bomb: You have been lied to repeatedly, insistently, shamelessly by the mindset of a business system that we’ve outgrown. Lies like; Find your ideal client and sell your product or service to them. Learning… continue reading

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Why You’re Not Making Sales & How to Change It

There is probably a really good reason why you’re not making the sales you think you should be; and it’s probably not the reason you think it is and it’s not necessarily that you don’t… continue reading

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How to Create Online Courses for your Business

Creating online courses for your business can be massively beneficial in adding new income streams that need little management. The thing is, you need to get it right and fully understand the benefits of creating… continue reading

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Why You’ll Never Be A Millionaire From Your Creative Business (and how to fix it…)

Why you’ll never be a millionaire from your creative business. Ouch! That headline makes me feel uncomfortable. But here’s the thing – it could well be true for you. Makes you think doesn’t it?  … continue reading

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What is Passive Income and How Will it Help my Business?

Whatever you call yourself; sole-trader, freelancer, business owner, founder, subject expert or anything else, your business sells something. Whatever that thing is you’re selling, whether it’s handmade, individually crafted products, or your expertise in the… continue reading