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Passive income for business

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The Top 3 Books to Kick You Up the Arse When You’ve Lost Your Mojo

Sometimes in life and in business we need a kick up the arse… That’s not to say that we’re not normally motivated and happy to do what we’re supposed to be doing, but there are… continue reading

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2 Reasons Why ‘Not Passive Income’ Is Just as Important

Yeah you read it right… some things in your business are not passive income, semi-passive income or even income streams that have been leveraged to their full extent.  The truth of the matter is, business… continue reading

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Why Ideal Clients Are Not the Best Thing In Business

Truth bomb: You have been lied to repeatedly, insistently, shamelessly by the mindset of a business system that we’ve outgrown. Lies like; Find your ideal client and sell your product or service to them. Learning… continue reading

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How to Price Products and Services in Business

A friend said to me a while ago that she wished she had my lifestyle – the freedom from the 9 to 5. I said “then do it, start your own business.” Along with some… continue reading