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What to Do in Business During The “Quiet Months…”

It doesn’t matter what type of business you run, there can be seasons that are busier and those that are quieter. There are often highs, lows, ebbs, flows and whatnot; most of which we are… continue reading

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Joint Ventures in Business: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

Starting your own business is great; working alone, working flexibly around your lifestyle with no one telling you what to do. In fact, what am I saying? It’s not just great it’s bloody fantastic! But… continue reading

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The Top 3 Books to Kick You Up the Arse When You’ve Lost Your Mojo

Sometimes in life and in business we need a kick up the arse… That’s not to say that we’re not normally motivated and happy to do what we’re supposed to be doing, but there are… continue reading

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Successful Business | Success Is Not A Secret; It’s This System

For Successful Business | Success Is Not A Secret; It’s This System There are so many books, articles, blog posts, videos and podcasts that tell us how to reach the pinnacle of success; what to… continue reading

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How NOT to Fail at Your Business New Year Resolutions & Goals

Have you set any goals for 2022? Most people set some sort of New Year resolution, every year. And each and every year, they have usually given up by February. Sad isn’t it?! We start… continue reading