Creating a course is one of the BEST things you can do for your small business. If you’re a service based business, then instead of focusing on one-to-one, think about how you can deliver a similar result or transformation on a one-to-many basis level. If you’re a maker, artist or creator, then it’s time to teach what you know. And the best way to do both of those things, level up your business and add additional income streams is to create your own course.

Here are the top 10 platforms that you can use right now to create and sell your amazing course idea.

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top 10 course creation platforms 2022


Passive Platform

Exchanging time for money should be a thing of the past.

To make it big in business in 2022 and beyond, you now need to be creating and selling more than just one product or service from your business. You need to be leveraging your skills and knowledge to create the free time and financial freedom that made you want to start up your own business in the first place.

The Passive Platform not only teaches you how to do this, but gives you the ability to sell ANY additional product or service instantly, from one place, and without the need to learn (or pay for) any additional software.

So, following on from the success and unbridled joy of everything that’s going on in my Passive Business Academy, I can now present to you… The Passive Platform! This is no ordinary course/membership platform! It’s an entire WordPress theme with the ability to create and sell courses, digital downloads, affiliate products, memberships, and physical products and services. The monthly fee includes hosting, the full website theme and support, all on the WordPress platform you know and love. This is the platform you’re using right now!



In my opinion, Teachable is one of the most user friendly course and sales page creation platforms available. It really is great for novices and non-tech friendly folks. It also has its own affiliate programme to allow your raving fans to promote your course for you!


Member Vault

This is an amazing platform used by a number of the PPP Academy students because you can host up to 50 users for free. This includes both course and membership creation, so allows you to really play with your ideas and deliver to your audience is the right way for them.



Talent LMS

Also with WooCommerce integration, Talent has very professional aesthetics and would really suite a corporate oriented brand style.



Podia allows you to host online courses, downloads, and membership, giving it diverse capabilities that are perfect for adding multiple income streams into your business from one platform.



One of the most well known platforms, Thinkific has capabilities for both online courses and memberships. It’s redirect format, from your current website, is simple to install and easy to use.



Skillshare is actually a membership platform where users pay a monthly fee to access any number of courses and skills workshops. To use this platform, you apply to become a teacher and are included in the library of resources members can access. As a teacher you are paid per view of your course content. However, it may be possible for you to re-purpose course material that you’ve already created and host both here and on your own platform, but you need to check the T’s and C’s carefully first!



Learnworlds allows you to sell under your own website address and seems to have competitive pricing and a good reputation.



With the functionality to create both courses and memberships, Kajabi is becoming more and more popular among online content creators.

Which will you choose?

Whichever platform you choose to use, make sure to use the following checklist before committing:

  • Pricing – Is it a monthly cost or are there transaction fees added?
  • How do you plan on promoting? Is there an affiliate programme option?
  • Will it integrate with your existing website i.e. woocommerce sales?
  • Are there student limits or other restrictions within the price plan
  • Are you restricted to content? i.e. Can you include affiliate links within your course? What materials can you use i.e. video, audio, downloadable content
  • Research the platform thoroughly. How is the platform viewed by buyers and other course creators; what reputation does it have? What other courses are available on that platform?

Go forth and create! Not sure how to go about creating an online course for your business? Check out this post for more guidance! And if you need help, join the Passive Business Academy for step by step guides on course creation, integration with other income streams and how to maximise your marketing and growth!

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