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Now, grab a cuppa, throw snacks at the dog and relax for ten minutes…


Before You Go…

Jo has a little story to tell you…


In March 2019 I couldn’t turn on a computer, I had no idea of how online business worked, never even heard of passive income. In June I got a website made but still didn’t know how to make money. Then I found Joelle; this super friendly, honest and upfront woman and a huge amount of knowledge of passive income… ‘yes, that sounds great, but surely I can’t make money doing that’ was my first thought.

Then she tells you which route is best for you to go down, points out money you are literally leaving for someone else to pick up and here’s the best bit; It’s not all about techy, geeky, nerdy world stuff. I can do it!!

Now if I can do it ANYONE can do it, but in order to do it, you need the special ingredient and I truly believe that ingredient is the Academy. If it wasn’t for joining I would still be scratching my head and wondering why I wasn’t any further forward.

It’s the best thing I’ve joined and the support, encouragement and just sheer fun of the Academy ethos is fabulous.

If you’re ready to achieve the same, The Passive Business Academy is the second home you’ve been waiting for…


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What will you do now?

Got some ideas? Ready to learn more and put them into action?

You could go off on your own to do this and I wouldn’t blame you if you tried. But honestly, without all the information at your fingertips and me holding you accountable, you might not get too far.

You’ll need The Passive Business Academy to take the next steps and really see them through to fruition:

  • You can learn and implement ANY or ALL of the ideas, all in your own time
  • Self-study paced access to over 50 mini courses – but you don’t need to do them all!
  • Split into easy-access modules of video, workbook and downloadable content – you choose your own adventure!

This Academy is truly everything you need to gain time and financial freedom in your business, at your leisure.


The Choice is Yours…

I should remind you that there is absolutely no risk for you to try this…literally zero negative consequences

You can buy without worrying about losing face:

There is no tie in and there is no shame if you want/need to leave.

The only thing you stand to lose is quality time with the people you care about, because you’re working so damned hard all the time…

So unless you enjoy dealing with being constantly busy…


Step into your Passive Income Super-Pants…

Discover your hidden passive income identity and super-charge your business…

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