Did you know you can earn money just because you have a mobile phone!

Holy hell! It’s true!

Whether it’s completing surveys on your commute, earning reward points for your regular shop, playing games or earning for walking (yes really!), paid-to apps are something you’d be crazy not to add into your daily routine! And these don’t even have to be part of your business – do it anyway!


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How to earn money from your mobile phone

Paid-to Apps

The chances are, if there is something you do regularly on your mobile phone, then there will be a way to make money from it. I can’t be super specific here, as there are so many interests and activities that could relate to you, but we just never think of looking. This is my way of placing the idea in your mind so you can have a look at what might be out there.

Get Paid to Walk

Let’s say you’re a dog walker or an active kinda human. Spend lots of time walking, whatever the weather? Then you need SweatCoin in your life. Literally earn for walking! They want a healthier you on a healthier planet so they convert your outdoor steps into a currency to spend on cool products and services! The value of a sweatcoin is derived from their wide-reaching partnerships; from brands that want to connect with health conscious audiences, insurers wishing to encourage healthier lifestyle choices and governments looking to reduce healthcare costs – there’s somewhere to spend your sweatcoins that you’ll earn through doing something you do anyway!

Get Paid to Shop

Use your phone to shop? You have to use TopCashback! The best way to make the most of this particular site is to shop as normal via your apps. Add things to your cart and then, before you checkout, go to the TopCashback site and find the brand you’re shopping with. Login through the Cashback link and find your cart (with all your items already it in!) and check out! Kerching! (I have personally made over £1000 through using this app! It’s a must!)


Get Paid for your Opinion

Do you get bored on your commute or regularly spend hours scrolling Facebook with nothing to show for it? Why not entertain yourself by answering some questions about different products you utilise and places you go in your daily life? Online surveys are one of them most effective ways to earn extra money. As soon as you sign up for Inbox Dollars or Swagbucks you can instantly begin earning additional money by taking surveys. Once you complete the surveys these apps will pay you through PayPal or send gift cards to top online retailers like Amazon and iTunes and you can usually redeem your earnings once you have earned a lower level limit.

Get Paid to Play

Another cool way of earning while you’re aimlessly spending time on your phone (come on, we all do it!) is by playing games. My favourites are Lucky Goal, where I get paid in Amazon Vouchers and Word Relax, which combines my love of words with my ability to waste hours playing games (face-palm!).

So get on Google or App Store and find the apps that will pay you for things you do anyway! You’d be daft not to!

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