Truth bomb: You have been lied to repeatedly, insistently, shamelessly by the mindset of a business system that we’ve outgrown. Lies like; Find your ideal client and sell your product or service to them. Learning how to nail your ideal client and make more sales is genuinely seen as the best possible thing you can do for a successful business.

And I’m not saying it’s not a good place to start. Hell; saying you’re selling to everyone definitely means selling to no one. That’s one thing I’m absolutely confident of.


Doing JUST that is exactly what has kept business owners stuck with a limited, tunnel vision of what their business is capable of, what it can offer and how it can make more sales.

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why ideal clients are not the best thing in business | make more sales


I want to share a little secret with you that will make sure that you never have to listen to ‘business norms’ telling you who to sell to ever again!

Right now there are people who watch you, follow your business but can’t buy from you for one of a few reasons. These clients are currently left out in the cold, with nothing to do but watch from the sidelines.

We see our business like this:


When actually, we forget about the folks floating around on the outside of the business, watching, waiting, but not buying. I call these your periphery clients; you know, hanging around on the periphery of your business.


Learning to identify and serve these clients is the best possible way to introduce new and lucrative income streams into your business without changing your business model and repelling your actual ideal client.


Periphery Customers

There are three types of periphery customers, two of which you don’t want to cater to. These two are:

  • Freebie seekers – although these customers can sometimes be converted into buyers, they’re unlikely to in the main.
  • Raving fans but not ideal clients – your mom, your nan and your next door neighbour. These guys love what you’re doing but they’re never going to be serious clients or buyers who you can impact on a bigger level.

However, there is one type of periphery customer who you must discover and nurture, as these are the key to your passive and semi-passive product lifestyle.

These customers are ‘like’ your ideal client in many ways BUT they are incapacitated or restricted from buying from you for one of three reasons:

  • Financially Incapacitated – These lovely people want to buy from you, so bad, but they can’t afford your products or services for one reason or another.
  • Logistically Incapacitated – These awesome folks also desperately want to buy from you but can’t logistically work with you. Maybe they’re on the other side of the world and postage is too expensive, or the time difference causes an issue. Perhaps you have a bricks and mortar building where you carry out your services in Hull, which means anyone outside of a twenty mile radius probably also falls into this category. These people can’t get to you.
  • Finally you have your DIYers – They love what you do but they really do want to do it themselves.


How To Help and Sell To Non-Ideal Clients

So here’s your opportunity to find these people, find a way that your business can serve them and make more sales.

You must not change your business model to do this. This isn’t about moving your store to a different location, changing your postage processes or reducing your prices. Definitely not! You also want to avoid niching up, as opposed to niching down to your ideal client. Niching up means to expand your niche to include these periphery people but in doing so you could actually alienate your existing, paying, ideal clients and decimate your business.

You do however want to consider what they say they want and figure out what you know they need. You should absolutely consider how you can serve them and make more sales, WITHOUT reducing your prices, compromising your time or compromising your business values and integrity. This usually means with a passive or semi passive, scalable product that you can create once and sell, on autopilot, time and time again.

This means that not only will you benefit from the sales from your ideal client, you’ll also be serving and cashing in on the ‘not-so-ideal’ periphery clients who need your help! And this is just another one of the amazing lessons that we deep-dive into as part of the Passive Business Academy.

So join us there, and learn to serve ALL of the people in your audience and make bank doing it!

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